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Virtual Experience

90 mins

Buckle in as you launch inside the minds of our platinum, award winning songwriters as they bring your team’s imagination and experiences into a phenomenal, catchy three minute radio song. We then produce the music and lyrics into a world class banger that will live forever.

Birthday Bonanza

60 mins
It’s the special day of a very special friend. Get us on a one hour zoom chat. Bring in a bunch of your friends and let’s write the most beautiful happy birthday song ever.

Live Experience

120 minute

Enjoy the full live show with the SWP supergroup and our master writers on a thrilling choose your own musical adventure. Together we will write the lyrics and music of a timeless song on the most energetic and fun ride imaginable! Perfect for epic team building sessions and wrapping up conferences with massive WOW!

Poptastic Requests

60 mins
Kick back and have the best in the biz play your most loved song requests to lift you up to the moon! We give you a megalist of ballads and bangers to choose from, then it’s all on, you can swivel in your suit or your PJs, in the comfort of your workstation or at home… ideally served with a very cold beverage.
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